I have just launched my book titled        ‘ITS ALL LIES I DIDN’T DO IT’ on Amazon kindle in both Ebook and paperback.


Brilliant Read….

Captain Thomas Shultz is recognised by the SS Unit of the Germany Army as a promising officer and is sent to Auschwitz initially as the adjutant and one of the first Jewish people he is confronted with is a young 12-year-old Jewish Girl Olga Ulasewych who he rapes and keeps as a sex life for the duration of his tenure at Auschwitz which he later becomes the commander.

Within three (3) years, Olga has an unwanted child to Shultz.

He orders the death of several inmates at Auswitch.

One of his protagonists is George Nowakowski an ex Lieutenant Colonel of the Polish Army who has become one of leaders  in the Polish Resistant fighters and his captured by the Germans after blowing up a rail bridge and assisting in damaging the German war ship the Tirpitz.

Nowakowski his tortured along with his comrades at Auschwitz, and affects an escape but is once again captured.

Colonel Karl Schmitt the Commander of Auschwitz when Shultz first arrived is shot and killed by the Polish (A.K.) resistance fighters which enables Shultz to be promoted to Major.

Shultz lies about who Olga is convincing his superiors that she is indeed his daughter and later accuses Nowakowski as the rapist of his daughter when she fall pregnant to Shultz.

At the end of the war, Shultz cunningly gets shipped to Australia as a displaced Jewish person and has a comfortable life until Hendrik Nowakowski; George’s son locates him in Bridgetown Western Australia.

Shultz is tried in a Bunbury court in Western Australia and is subsequently convicted of being a war criminal, and a surprise witness comes forward to identify Shultz, but he claims that these allegations against him are all lies.

The epilogue gives readers the final happenings of those involved in the story.


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