Barbara Anderson stopped playing the piano before she looked through the weatherboard window, her hands and felt warm after playing the piano.

She walked over to the window and reflected on her old-fashioned surroundings. She had always loved Melbourne with its wet winters. A place that encouraged her to play the piano when the weather was rather inclement.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Helen Mitchell. Helen was an optimistic friend with a charming disposition and a beautiful face.

Barbara gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a sweet, articulate, Coffee drinker with curvaceous hips and like Helen, she too had a beautiful face. Her friends saw her as a, beautiful friend, who would do anything for her friends. She had even rescued Helen from a burning building two years ago.

However, not even a sweet person who had once rescued an enthusiastic Helen Mitchell from a burning building was prepared for what Helen had in store today.

As Barbara stepped outside and Helen came closer, she could see the grateful glint in her eyes.

Barbara looked at Helen, even more surprised and still holding the doorknob to the front door. “Helen, I’m broke and I need your help before the bailiff comes,” Helen said.

“Barbara,” Helen said, with an admirable glare that reminded Barbara of when Helen was being hopeful. “You know I love you, but I need a loan, I was wondering whether you could lend me $3,000 dollars?”

Before they went inside, they looked at each other with euphoric feelings, like two distinct, dizzy Cats drinking from a bowl in wonderful home, which had Modern music playing in the background and two considerate ladies dancing to the beat.

Barbara regarded Helen’s charming hands and beautiful face. “I don’t have the funds …” she said

Helen glared. “Do you want me to shove that piano where the sun doesn’t shine?”

Barbara promptly remembered her sweet and articulate values. “Actually, I can get the funds,” she said. “But I will have to sell the piano.”

“Would you do that for me? Helen said.

“Nope, but I will make you a nice cup of coffee,” Barbara said.




(c) Brian F. Hastie 2016


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