The North West of Western Australia is quite vast inhabited by both whites and Aboriginals, however there are still a lot of Aboriginals in the North West who still speak their own language and also English, but some have a lot of trouble understanding English.

Both previous and current State and Federal Governments have tried to integrate Aboriginals with white man but this seems to cause dispersion among the tribes with some reluctance to send their children to school, however there are other contributing factors why parents of Aboriginal children are not sent to school because their parents have a drug and alcohol dependency.

There is also a lack of public transportation to get these children to school, however other community members gain full-time employment within the Iron Ore mines which is the main source of income for those living above the 26th parallel, and they ensure that their children attend school.

Both salt water and fresh water crocodile are in abundance and signs are strategically located to warn both locals and tourist of these animals.

However, the Western Australian Government was the very first State to ban the hunting of both species and are now protected by the WA State Governments wildlife and the Federal Governments Environmental protection Acts.

The hunting of crocodiles these days is illegal and only authorised Parks and Wildlife Rangers can shoot a crocodile if it is considered a danger to the community? Crocodiles were once captured for the purpose of using their skins as women’s purses.

There is farming conducted up north but is mainly cattle because of sheer size of the cattle stations whereby aerial mustering and mustering of the cattle on horseback is quite common, and stock-men on horseback are invariably young Aboriginal Torre Strait Islanders.

The Aboriginal community also derive a good income from their paintings. For both the white and Aboriginal populations recreation consists of boating, fishing, camping, basketball, softball, baseball, netball, hockey, cinemas where provided and swimming.

There are local newspapers usually owned by the Fairfax Group and the sole State daily paper known as the West Australian is available at an inflated price to cover the costs of flying the newspaper up to these regional isolated outback towns.

Renting a house up north is also not cheap, unless one is lucky enough to get a public house where the rent is somewhat cheaper in comparison to renting through a real estate agent.

Over the years both the State and Federal Governments have built housing for Aboriginal communities in the East Kimberley, West Kimberley, Mid-West/Gascoyne and Halls Creek.

However there was an absolute outcry when the current ‘Barnett State Government,’ tried to shut down remote Indigenous communities in 2015, with an endeavour to bring these remote communities back to mainstream society.

On the medical side of things the remote Aboriginal communities suffer from a lot of medical ailments and diseases in comparison to the white communities.

Aboriginal communities up North suffer from acute kidney disease, obesity, heart attacks, and mental disorders such as acute depression, bipolar and in addition suffer from brain damage after sniffing petrol and other commodities such as paints from aerosol tins.

When it comes to prisons up North there are more Aboriginals who are incarcerated in comparison to other cultures.

Some of these remote Aboriginal communities are lucky enough to have a teacher, nurse and police officers on site, however, if there is no white man law on site Aboriginal Law is inflicted on the offender.

Apart from the lack of State law, education, and medical aid the remote Aboriginal communities face a raft of complex problems and challenges from childhood diseases and sexually transmitted diseases and forced rape of young Aboriginal girls from childhood through to adulthood, and this type of behaviour is slowly being rectified by education and prohibition of alcohol on Aboriginal reserves and towns.




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