Let us have a look at what might happen if the City of Bunbury is allowed to absorb parts of Harvey, predominantly Australind, parts of Dardanup predominantly Eaton and parts of Capel, predominantly Dalyellup, in a government autocratic amalgamation.

Disagreements within the Kingdom of Bunbury will be extensive, and the State Government whichever political party may be in power at that time will have no other option but to intervene by installing commissioners whose duty it will be to try and set up a transformation process in an endeavour to renew and reform the Bunbury City Council.

Because of the sheer size of Bunbury, which will be ultimately indoctrinated as the second major city of Western Australia, these new appointed Councillor representatives will hold a shared responsibility of serving some 64,791 inhabitants if the amalgamation was constituted by the end of 2015.

This will lead to another economical discontent especially when the City of Bunbury feel the economic difficulties of servicing the increased population that will quickly consume the City’s rates revenue, and then the BCC will be knocking on the government of the days door for some financial equality, which Bunbury does every year after the Government of the day have announced its budget and what slice of the pie that each and every local government entity will receive, and the BCC will believe that they have been robbed of necessary funds to run and operate a larger local government body.

And then there will be an economic crisis by the increased unemployment, and rising costs of living because of the added population that Bunbury had been insisting upon, together with the shortage of skilled employee’s and shortage of jobs.

However, the economic decline of Bunbury will settle in time when more commercial complexes are approved, built, and operating, however, Bunbury will travel along ignoring the satellite towns that will have been absorbed into the realms of Bunbury’s arms.


The remaining parts of Dardanup and Capel will be absorbed to make a new shire known as The Capel Dardanup Shire to make up for their economic losses so as the smaller outer local government areas can be serviced by the newly formed Shire of Capel Dardanup.

 Because of the bigger population Bunbury will have three police stations per se. One in Bunbury where it has always been, one in Australind and one in Dalyellup.

But in the overall scheme of things, the amalgamation of these satellite towns to the City of Bunbury there will not be any physical presence of any stunning tourism, to lure the tourist into the City of Bunbury apart from the old Big swamp Bird Park and the Dolphins, and a small inadequate museum of yesteryear.

The newly formed Bunbury City council that will be restored by the Commissioners will continue to suppress any striking skyline of tall buildings, and the continuing stifling of any great expansions to other suburbs and industrial satellites coalescing into the home of some 70,000 people.

Even the magnificent Marlston Hill and coffee strip in Victoria Street will remain the focus of attention in the minds of the residents and local councillors ignoring the outer suburbs that will have been absorbed into the realms of the Bunbury City Council.

Bunbury will have somewhat of a mediocre reputation though it will face a difficult future when gauged by quality of life it offers to its inhabitants whether they live in affluent suburbs or decaying outer city neighbourhoods such as Carey park and Withers and there will be people who live in these area engaging in anti-social behaviour on an astronomical disposition similar to that which occurs in Northbridge at the present time.


The amalgamation will also cause a widely series of scattered ethnic neighbourhoods who may become antagonistic leading to police attendance and other government agencies endeavouring to settle these disputes.


The three newspapers the Bunbury Herald, the Bunbury Mail and the south Western Times will be dependent on the Internet for survival, and the Bunbury Herald will become nonexistent and a paper of the past, leaving the two rival papers the Bunbury mail and the South Western Times competing for the communities support.

Bunbury’s CBD area will continue to decline in retailing, entertainment while rapid expansion of such activities will occur in the satellite suburbs of East Bunbury, Eaton, Australind, and Dalyellup.

If the whole of Capel, Dardanup and Harvey was to be surrendered to the City of Bunbury, Bunbury would have an area of Square km to cover and the building booms normally occurring in the absorbed satellite communities of Australind, Eaton and Dalyellup will come to an abrupt halt because people just do not want to be part of the Bunbury empire.



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