A bigger bang for your buck
A bone of contention
A boon in disguise
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
A cock and bull story
A fish out of water
A foregone conclusion
A load of codswallop
A no brainer
A skeleton in the closet
A world apart
A worms eye view
Accidentally on purpose
Against all odds
Against all odds
All publicity is good publicity
An educated guess
As light as a feather
At the end of the day
Away with fairies
Back to square one
Back to the drawing board
Bad blood
batten down the hatches
Be as clear as mud
Behind closed doors
Between a rock and a hard place
Black sheep of the family
Blood is thicker than water
Brass monkey weather
Break a leg
Break the bank
Breaking the ice
Bull in a china shop
Burn a hole in ones pocket
Change horses midstream
Cloak and dagger
Cross your fingers
Don’t rain on my parade
Dragging (ones) or (its) feet
Eleventh hour decision
Every cloud has a silver lining
Feel the pinch
Go tell it to the birds
Hands down
Hit the books
Hold your horses
It aint over until the fat lady sings
Its raining cats and dogs
Jack of all trades
Judge, jury and executioner
Jump the track
Jumping the gun
Kangaroo court
Keep your eyes peeled
Keep your shirt on
Know the ropes
Knuckle down
Like a shag on a rock
Like a sitting duck
Long in the tooth
Make castles in the air
Making a scene
Man of few words
Needle in a haystack
No brainer
Not my cup of tea
Not the sharpest tool in the shed
On cloud nine
On the same page
Open Pandora’s box
Out of the blue
Par for the course
Pig out
Playing chicken
Playing for keeps
Playing possum
Point blank
Preaching to congregation/residents
Preaching to the choir
Preaching to the choir/congregation/residents/constituents
Put a sock in it
Red herring
Ring any bells
Roll with a puncher
Run into the sand
Ships passing in the night
Short of Kangaroo in the top paddock
Shot in the dark
Show of hands
Sitting on the fence
Spill the beans
Stir up a hornets nest
Strayed a bit off course
Strike out
Swinging for the fences
Take the fall
Talk the talk
Tear Jerker
The balls in your court
The plot thickens
Throw the baby out with the bath water
To drop out
Top draw
Tough it out
Tug of war
Turn over a new leaf
Under the weather
Under your nose
Up in arms
Wake up call
Water under the bridge
What am I, chopped liver?
What goes up must come down
When pigs fly
When the rubber hits the road
Wild goose chase
Worlds Apart
Yada yada
You can’t have the cake and eat it too
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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