I have always had a passion for writing and being a freelance journalist gives me an opportunity to do the work that I want to do rather being stuck to a routine, as I prefer to have a variety of work as opposed to being stuck to one format within the mainstream journalistic environment.

In addition, I like to work by myself without having someone attached to me like a Siamese twin.

I have many interest that I can write about  such thoroughbred race horses,   how to win at the TAB, vegetable gardening, trains, economical interests, military, driving trucks, driver licenses, and writing for newspapers and magazines.

Therefore, I have a huge array of assignments that I can choose from and conjure up ideas to present to an editor in an enquiry letter.

With my interest and some further research and my own knowledge of the rail, horse racing, betting, gardening, military and local government law enforcement I can muster up a feature column or two, or an opinion page with sole purpose of selling the articles to an appropriate publication and I can do this as a hobby making it an interesting part-time vocation, or I can sit down and do it full-time as well.

And so can you!


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