If you want to be a freelance, journalist you need to be able have article ideas that will sell and you need to find the write market for what you have written, not an easy task.   Put your ideas and thoughts down on paper as you come up with them and then brainstorm your ideas.

As a working journalist whether you are a freelance journalist or a paid journalist working for some firm or newspaper or magazine, you must comply with a host of professional and ethical obligations.

Contacts are one of the best resources that a journalist can have and it is very important that you maintain a good liaison with these contacts, but if you happen just to be writing a novel, screenplay or some poetry that does not make you a journalist that makes you a writer/author per se.

It is imperative as freelance journalist that the copy that you send to the editor who has commissioned you is in fact factually correct and sent to him/her on time.

Freelance journalism is a lot harder than being a paid journalist by the hour, and procrastination is a freelance journalist’s nightmare, as one has to be at their desk banging away at the keyboard, along with researching, planning, interviewing, drafting, editing and re-editing and rewriting the copy until it is absolutely an extremely good piece of copy for the editor.

Even, if you feel that the assignment you have been given by an editor is boring, it is your job to turn that assignment into an exciting, exhilarating, fascinating and extremely informative copy for as many readers of that article as possible.

Never ever make up any lies, make your copy as readable and absolutely and as interesting as you can.

You can easily discover how readable your copy is by using the readability statistics on word.


With this article  my readability statistics are:


Words                   =   311

Characters          = 1444

Paragraphs         =       8

Sentences           =       9



Sentences per paragraph             =   1.1

Words per sentence                       = 34.5

Characters per word                       =   4.5


Passive sentences                           =   0.0%

Flesch Reading Ease                        = 40.9%

Flesch-Kincaid Grade level           = 16.1%


According to the scale above my Flesch Reading ease would make the document above difficult to read.

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade level of 16.1% indicates that someone at or has been to university would be able to read and understand what I have written above. Would agree or disagree?


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