Brian Hastie




BUSSELTON like Bunbury although both have city status, the previous councilors and engineers gave no forethought to any Mass Transit services or facilities.

The engineering and geographical landscape of Bunbury and Busselton streets, do not lend any scope for creating Tram like services in later years to cope with the future high population densities of both cities.

Over several recent years influential people have been mooted a High speed rail service to connect to the Mandurah line and then follow the Forrest Highway using the medium strip between the North and South bounded lanes. The current bus and taxi services that emanate throughout Busselton and Bunbury at this stage would be considered ample for the current ERA (Estimated Residential Populations) of both cities being around 76, 205 people. (This figure does not include Eaton or Australind or Dalyellup).

However, in Busselton’s favour they made sure that there airport will be able to carry international passengers at a later date, whereas Bunbury have neglected to update their airport to a standard that is acceptable to international standards.

A high speed train from Bunbury to Busselton would have to be built between the medium strips of Bussell Highway, though there is a problem, whereby the transport planners have only considered taking the HST to the locality of Eaton near Bunbury, whereby passengers would then have to rely on buses or taxis or private motor car to get them to Bunbury or outlying areas and onto Busselton and beyond.

There would need to be another line built from Hay Park in Bunbury through to Busselton, which would create another cost in acquiring a HST and infrastructure, however, if the HST from Mandurah was to utilise the Inner Harbour rail track and then terminating at Koombana Bay, then people traveling on the HST would not have far to go far to arrive at the CBD of Bunbury.

However, we still have the problem of getting the HST beyond Bunbury and through to Busselton, and this is where the difficulty lies. Going underground is not an option as most of Bunbury near the CBD has been covered up by introduction of sea sand from dredging, when Bunbury was first settled and beyond especially with the Inner Harbour project that was conducted in the late 60’s early 70’s.

The only real option that would be left is for the HST to continue onto Bunbury and terminate at the Eelup roundabout/intersection as it is now deemed since the installation of traffic lights at that location.

The HST train would then follow the Outer Ring Road, which is now under construction through to Busselton.





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