LIKE a lot of wordsmiths, I seem to procrastinate instead of getting on with the job that is currently known as W.I.P. or “work in Progress.” I am currently working on a fictional story although it is based on the Holocaust during WW2, the characters and events are entirely fictional, except those of Hitler and Rudolf Hess.

I find that after reading my Email messages, instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of writing, I seem to be drawn to Facebook where I engage in games such as “Scrabble,” and “Words with Friends,” and I also get a lot of invitations to play other games such as “Candy whatever its called, and Texas poker, but I decline these invitations.

I have managed to write 28, 558 words in my story, which is halfway through chapter twelve. My goal is to make my novel at least 83,000 words long, whereby I can then rewrite and edit at least 3000, words bring my novel down to an acceptable 80,000 words and then offer it to publishers in the hope that someone will take my novel as it is, basically an entirely untrue account of lives of SS German soldiers and the AK (Polish resistance Movement).

But, that procrastination always seems to take priority, like I should be adding some more text to my story,however, I am procrastinating by writing this instead!






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