THE Authorities began looking for the missing Malaysian plane MH370 in the South of Western Australia, and then because of man-made equipment, transferred their sifting for the plane back up closer to Perth Western Australia.
Gut instinct or ones first instinct is a better facility for finding something, or backing a winner. How many times have you had a gut feeling that a particular horse will win a race and perhaps is paying out a substantial amount of money only to change your mind because the form of the other horses have been much better than the one your gut feeling was telling you to pick
So you back another horse and bugger me, the one you were going to bet on comes in and pays $40 for the win and $15.00 for the place and you get bugger all for the horse that the form or the tipsters nominated as that horse is still coming.
So my point is that the authorities were looking in the right place in the first place for the missing Malaysian plane MH370 more south of Perth and my guess is that they should be looking for the plane at these coordinates or near enough to them.
47.32 degrees South 107.05 degrees East.
Malaysian water bottles were located near or close Augusta in Western Australia and investigators of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may be wrong in identifying the pings that were thought coming from the plane.
It is my guess that parts of the plane will start washing up on the East coast of Tasmania but when I can’t predict that time it could be during this winter or several years down the track, and if those broken parts miss the East coast of Tasmania, they will eventually end up on the East Coast of New Zealand.
I doubt very much that the current search for the plane will located closer to Perth, and I believe that the two pilots were endeavouring to get to Perth to land, Perth has a runway long enough for a Boeing 330 to land.
Therefore they should be hailed as heroes and not villains and once the plane and its recorder is found, the authorities will discover that the plane had multiple problems and both pilots did the right thing and headed for Perth Australia, but something on the plane malfunctioned that prevented them from landing in Perth, and it I believe it was something that both pilots could not rectify, hence the loss of the plane.
I bet I am right!


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