Brian Hastie 

  1. Do not plagiarize. (Under any circumstances whatsoever).
  1. Check and update facts.
  1. How much will the program cost?
  1. How will the program be financed?
  1. What value or benefit is there to the state or public institution as the case may be?
  1. Academically if more than ten per cent of the document is copied it is considered plagiarized.
  1. The report must show references, minutes of meetings held, specific dates for meetings with officials and details of discussions held.
  1. Photographs must have captions that come with an explanation as to what is in the picture and or why it is significant.
  1. What are your key findings (list them).

 10.   Use the write check software to check for elements of plagiarisms.

11.  Have the report critiqued.

12.  Albeit items 3 – 5 state “programs” the word or words can be altered for your own report or assignment as the case may be.


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